cloudfruition is your best partner in reducing operational cost in operating, maintaining and refreshing your core Data storage infrastructure of both Enterprise private and hybrid Clouds.

We have specialists in enterprise storage technologies of vendors such us EMC, HDS, Pure Storage, Netapps and HPE Storage.

We employ a seamless process into your environment and take over operations with no disruption to your environment.

Lets talk! It's an opportunity to learn a bit more about us and share your cloud interests and intentions.

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Services Inclued

Storage provisioning and Support Services

Tailor-Design and deploy solutions for specific organisation initiatives

Monitoring your environment

Capacity management


Working with vendor to resolve both software and hardware issues

Migrations due to tech refresh

Migration due to Data Centre move

Delivery of internal projects for new Platforms, Databases and applications

Reducing cost by ensuring optimal use of your technological resources

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Ticketed Support

Firmware and code Updates