Cloudfruition provides outsourced managed services, primarily to UK companies, at a cost 60% lower than other regions and a higher service level.

Our team of experienced and qualified engineers work around the clock to design, build, monitor and manage all of our customers' infrastructure.

Our team is based in Ghana, West Africa. Ghana is recognised as a centre of African technological excellence with Google opening its Artificial Intelligence centre in Accra in 2019 and with Silicon Valley VCs are located here. For years Google, Facebook JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have successfully tap in and exported the top talent pool in Ghana’s universities and offered better and more attractive opportunities across the west.

We aim to be the link that connects opportunity in the west to our talent pool in the country. Creating a more balanced environment where local talent will have more opportunities and options to choose from, develop a healthier economy locally for the country and provide our customers excellent services, saving them huge sums both in the cost of service and cost of talent acquisition.