Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides fully managed, highly reliable, and scalable file storage Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides fully managed Microsoft Windows file servers, backed by a fully native Windows file system. It has the features, performance, and compatibility to easily lift and shift enterprise applications to the AWS Cloud.

CloudFruition is one of the select few Amazon FSx for Windows File Server partners. Our certified solution architects and engineers are enabled by AWS on this technology. They have the capacity to seamlessly evaluate, assess and recommend whether Amazon FSx for Windows File Server would be the right fit for your business.

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Built on Windows Server

By providing fully managed storage built on Windows Server, Amazon FSx provides a rich set of administrative features that include end-user file restore, user quotas, and Access Control Lists (ACLs). With Windows Server's native support for the SMB protocol, Windows-based applications have access to fully compatible shared file storage. Since SMB file shares can also be accessed from Linux and MacOS, any application or user can access the storage regardless of operating system.

Simple and fully managed

You no longer have to worry about setting up and provisioning file servers and storage volumes, replicating data, installing file server software updates and patches, managing failover and failback, and manually performing backups. In minutes, CloudFruition can easily create a fully managed file system in a single AZ or across multiple AZs using the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or AWS SDK. Amazon FSx also provides automatic durable backups. Migrating file data into Amazon FSx is simple and fast with AWS DataSync.

Lowest-cost SMB file storage in the cloud

With Amazon FSx, you get highly available and durable file storage starting from $0.013 per GB-month. Data deduplication enables you to optimize costs even further by removing redundant data. CloudFruition can increase your file system storage and scale throughput capacity at any time, making it easy to respond to changing business needs. There are no upfront costs or licensing fees.

Fast and flexible performance

With Amazon FSx, you get the throughput, IOPS per file system, and consistent sub-millisecond latencies that your Windows workloads expect. To meet the price and performance needs of your workloads, Amazon FSx provides SSD and HDD storage options, and enables you to select a throughput level for your file system and change it at any time. Using DFS Namespaces, you can scale performance up to tens of gigabytes per second of throughput, with millions of IOPS, across hundreds of petabytes of data.

Secure and compliant

Amazon FSx provides multiple levels of security and compliance to help ensure your data is protected. Amazon FSx automatically encrypts your data at-rest and in-transit. Amazon FSx is designed to meet the highest security standards and it has been assessed to comply with ISO, PCI-DSS, SOC certifications, and is HIPAA eligible. Integration with AWS CloudTrail monitors and logs your API calls letting you see actions taken by users on your Amazon FSx resources. To control user access, Amazon FSx integrates with your on-premises Microsoft Active Directory (AD) as well as with AWS Microsoft Managed AD.

Broadly accessible

By supporting the SMB protocol, Amazon FSx can connect your file system to Amazon EC2, VMware Cloud on AWS, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Amazon AppStream 2.0 instances. Amazon FSx supports all Windows versions starting from Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7, as well as current versions of Linux and MacOS. Amazon FSx also supports on-premises access via AWS Direct Connect or AWS VPN, and access from multiple VPCs, accounts, and regions using VPC Peering or AWS Transit Gateway.