Why Outsource to Ghana?

You may never have considered Ghana as a country to outsource to, but many of the world’s biggest companies have long recognised its pool of exceptional talent.

In 2019 Google opened its Artificial Intelligence centre in Accra which is another show of confidence in Ghanaian talent and resource.

Ghana is a stable democratic country which gained independence from Great Britain in 1957. It’s a country rich in resources including gold and oil. This has helped Ghana to become the second fastest growing economy in Africa.

Ghana is on the Prime Meridian so operates the same core business hours as the UK and with English being its first language there are no communication issues.

For the last decade Ghana has spent 25% of its annual budget on free education for its young people, creating some of the best educated people in the world.

The cloudfruition team is made up of experienced and qualified engineers. As well as industry qualifications we develop our own training programs to give talented graduates the ability to gain practical skills while being trained by more experienced engineers.

All customers are supported by a fully qualified engineering team and led by a management team who have worked in some of the U.K.’s largest companies.