cloudfruition was founded by John Aacht.

After studying a BSC in computer science at the University of Hertfordshire John‘s career started at EMC as a Storage Area Network specialist managing private cloud infrastructure. For over a decade John specialised in managing last time projects within the banking sector including  with RBS group and Deutsche bank. In 2017 John returned to Ghana to start cloudfruition.

John's work was recognised by the  Royal Society of Arts, Commerce and Manufacturing (the RSA) who awarded him a fellowship. John joins other fellows recognised for their outstanding achievements to social progress and development, including Benjamin Franklin, Marie Currie, Steven Hawkins, Nelson Mandela and Tim Berners-Lee.

"One of my greatest passions is mentoring young students and graduates, and connecting people with the opportunities that are aligned with their ambitions and interests. Through this, I discovered the amazing talent Ghana has to offer in its young people – eager, capable and hardworking and always smiling. CloudFruition was born because it makes sense. It combines my specialist areas of expertise and experience with my passion for helping people achieve their ambitions."

cloudfruition’s  philosophy on “Cloud” is as a pragmatic, customer-centric solution that is not vendor focused.  Our anti-one size fits all approach ensures that every client receives a “fit to purpose solution” that drives value creation in their business. We strive to ensure our customers feel the true essence of “CLOUD” which in our opinion is creating an end user experience, allowing them to focus on revenue generation for their businesses.

Our motto at cloudfruition is simple, aggressive operational cost reduction for clients, creating opportunity for employees.

We will not only fulfil our contractual obligations but strive to go beyond that to be a partner of your business who is willing to work with you to solve new problems and to tackle complex issues like Security, Governance, Regulations and Compliance.